Laws To Keep In Mind With Your Carpet Removal Service

Depending on where you live there may be waste management requirements and or permits required to conduct your carpet removal Houston service.

You definitely want to check with your state’s commission for dealing with the environment and waste management.

For example, in Texas the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lists waste management requirements and permits.

These requirements deal with the transportation and disposing of different types of carpet including solids, industrial and hazardous, and other kinds of carpet.

Some of the topics covered are bioenergy, coal combustion residuals, dredge or fill materials, medical waste, radioactive waste, septic system and so on.

Basically, depending on what types of carpet your service removes you need to make sure you know what’s required and have the proper state permit if needed.

Doing so will insure you’re not facing any penalties or even jail time.

What you definitely don’t want to be caught doing is illegal dumping.

People are always reporting services that illegally dump materials.


Because they care about the environment and don’t want you or anyone else make a mess of our world.

So don’t think for a moment that you can dump your carpet that you haul illegally.

Eventually someone will see you doing it and you will face the law in full force.

This will not only ruin your reputation as a carpet removal service, but ultimately could shut down your business.

It’s really just not worth it.

So if you’re smart you’ll call up your state and ask to speak to someone regarding carpet removal and what permits and requirements you need to be aware of.

Hopefully I’ve been able to open your eyes to the fact that hauling carpet as a business has alot of rules and regulations to consider and learn.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, ask.

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