Why You Need An Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment Lawyer

One of the best things about the American entertainment industry is that it employs millions of people. Scriptwriters, actors, producers, stuntmen, directors and other professionals contribute to the success of the entertainment industry. It follows that there are laws to regulate this industry and make it work to the benefit of all the relevant players. This is where entertainment law and entertainment lawyers come into the picture. Below are some of the reasons you need a competent entertainment lawyer and what distinguishes one from say Los Angeles injury attorneys.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Every best-selling movie begins with a movie script and these scripts are written by scriptwriters. In some cases, a movie is made from a novel. In this case, a professional writer creates the scripts and makes some changes to the novel to suit the movie. Now, this is where things can get complicated if there is no intellectual lawyer to keep things tidy and legal. An author whose book is needed for a movie should negotiate terms with the motion picture company before his or book is adapted for a movie. If you do not have a great entertainment lawyer on your side, you may not get a favorable deal. You need to lawyer to ensure that you do not lose your intellectual property to a movie company.

Entertainment LawyerProtecting the Script Writer

Some scriptwriters are full time employees of motion picture companies. However, in some cases, these experts are independent writers. They create movie scripts and they sell these scripts to movie companies. Sometimes, negotiating with motion picture companies can be a real battle. The executives of these companies might offer you a complex deal that that may not give you financial rewards at the end of the day. Do not ever negotiate with a motion picture company unless your lawyer is present. This legal expert knows all the intricacies of entertainment law so you can be sure he or she will get you an excellent deal.

Upfront, Royalties and Sequels

The laws that govern the entertainment industry have regulations on upfront payments, royalties and sequels. In case you do not understand how these things work, your attorney will help you make sense of these things and get you the perfect deal.